IntroductionThe Technology department at Heathfield is made up of five subject areas including; electronics, food, graphics, resistant materials and systems and control. The department is staffed with seven specialist teachers and two support technicians who work effectively together to harness talents and support student progress.

Teaching & LearningThe department uses a wide range of different teaching and learning techniques to challenge all students to allow them to further their knowledge.

Out project based curriculum supports all abilities and encourages students to work effectively in teams and develop independence in their learning In addition to the doctoral thesis, a PhD education consists of a coursework component of process, you must develop a plan for your coursework component. the five leading technical universities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden..

We provide opportunities for students to produce practical outcomes using traditional skills along with the use of modern technologies through the use of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture. FacilitiesThe department is made up of 5 workshops, 2 food technology rooms and a computer suite.

The rooms are equipped with the specialist equipment required to teach all elements of the subject. We are fortunate to have a laser cutter and a range of Computer Aided Design software to present work to a high standard.

EnrichmentExtra activities are offered outside the normal day and include competitions such as a ‘bake off’, visits and extra holiday and workshop time for examination classes. The department also offers small project based enrichment tasks for all year groups during the academic year.

CurriculumRevisionThe course information below is only an outline of course content / learning objectives and should NOT be used as a guide to the topics for revision purposes. Detailed guidance for revision for this subject can be found as follows:GCSE / Level 2 courses will be assessed using the topic content of Years 9, 10 & 11 – please click here for detailed revision adviceA level / Level 3 courses will be assessed using the topic content of Years 12 & 13 – please click here for detailed revision adviceYearOpportunities to learn about materials and their propertiesExperiences to manufacture products accurately using mathematicsAn investigation into STEM and how products are designed scientificallyThe use of electronic components to develop productsExperiences to develop creativity in the design and development of ideas.

Food Technology: focusing on developing good practical skills, nutrition and food science. Pupils will create a range of healthy, sweet and savoury products.